How to Get High End Bridal Accessories without Breaking the Bank

Bridal accessories are expensive. Well, let's back up, weddings are expensive. Period. I know the feeling... You're obsessing over Kate Spade's bridal collection, but your brain is telling you that you can't possibly afford the adorable "Mr. and Mrs." clutch for your wedding day because you're already splurging on your flowers. The struggle is REAL. Well, today I'm here to help by introducing you to my favorite bridal accessory secret that will allow you to get high end bridal accessories without breaking the bank. 



Yes. Rent the Runway is my big secret. Have you heard of it?? I discovered this site through a friend while I was planning my wedding (thanks Sabrina!) and it changed my life. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much!!! Most people (including myself) use this site to rent designer dresses for special occasions, which makes sense, that is the primary purpose of Rent the Runway, after all. And it's a great idea. We ladies love having a new dress to wear to all of our events, but who wants to spend $150+ on a new dress that you're only going to wear once or twice. With RTR, you can wear a new designer dress for ALL of your special occasions!! But, that's not exactly what this post is about - we're talking bridal accessories here and I want to highlight a possibly overlooked purpose for Rent the Runway. RTR doesn't just do dresses, they do accessories too - and even better, they do bridal accessories!!!!



Rent the Runway has TONS of fun brand name bridal accessories to choose from. Clutches, earrings, belts, and even veils are all available for you to rent at a fraction of the retail cost (and yes, they have Kate Spade!). I've gone through their site and picked out some of my favorites shown here. Click on the corresponding links below to find these gorgeous pieces on the RTR website! (You'll notice I rented the Happily Ever After Clutch for my wedding in the picture above!)

Kate Spade Wedding Belles Ravi Clutch  |  $60 Rental   $398 Retail
Kate Spade Wedding Belles Emanuelle Clutch  |  $50 Rental   $328 Retail
Badgley Mischka Always and Forever Belt  |  $50 Rental   $220 Retail
Kate Spade Golden Moment Earrings | $15 Rental   $98 Retail
RTR Bridal Accessories Solemn Vow Comb  |  $25 Rental   $175 Retail
Kate Spade Happily Ever After Clutch  |  $65 Rental   $398 Retail

This is just a very small sample of everything RTR has to offer!  Check out all of their bridal accessories and if you're a kate spade fan like me, find all of the kate spade new york accessories (including some adorable clutches!) here!



The Price. The obvious benefit to using RTR for your bridal accessories is price. Budgets are tight for weddings and there simply isn't always room for expensive designer pieces. By using RTR, you're getting the high end accessories you want for a fraction of the cost.

You're Only Going to Use it Once. Most of these accessories are one of a kind, unique, wedding day specific pieces that you would only wear on your wedding day. I mean, who wants to spend $400 on a clutch that says "Just Married" or "Mr. and Mrs."? They are the perfect addition for your special day, but after it's over, you don't have much need for them anymore. By using RTR, you'll have your accessories for your wedding weekend and then send them back once it's over!

Perfect for the Bridal Bag. A few weeks ago, I blogged about the bridal bag and it's importance for perfectly styled shots of your jewelry and accessories. Any of these RTR bridal pieces are PERFECT for the bridal bag and they will make for some really adorable, unique pictures.

Besides, you need a cute clutch to carry your phone and lip gloss during the reception, right? This is the one day in your life you can carry that $400 "Just Married" clutch!!

I really love RTR and still use it a bunch! They have great service, always deliver on time, and their pieces are always in great condition. I highly recommend checking them out for your wedding needs. I even used RTR for my bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner dresses! They have a whole page full of dresses for the bride. Now, go spend hours browsing their site - it's addicting!!!

xoxo, Lyss and Lauren

* I was not paid by Rent the Runway to make any of the statements above. This blog post was written strictly based on my opinions :)