The Ginger & Blooms Office

While planning the launch of Ginger & Blooms all the way back in March, we knew that we wanted to build up the eventual launch day somehow without giving away the fact that we were partnering under a new brand. Lauren had already booked a branding photo session with Andrea Pesce, and decided that hinting at an "office launch" would be a great way to build up excitement over the launch date without giving away our big secret! Needless to say, the "office launch" never happened because that wasn't the big secret after all (are we sneaky or what??), but today we finally get to share it with you!!! We have SO many gorgeous branding photos, office photos, and headshots that turned out to be such a huge asset to our new brand. We are so excited to share some of the images here today so you can get a peek inside our Ginger & Blooms space!! Welcome to the G&B office!!

All images by  Andrea Pesce

We are beyond obsessed with that Anthropologie wallpaper! AND the "G&B"!! Anthro = major office decor win. Seriously.

Also - see those tulips?? Prior to this office shoot, Andrea shot us putting together some floral arrangements. It was quite comical because Lauren did this gorgeous, complicated, large arrangement, and Alyssa... well, she stuck to cutting stems and making tiny vase/single stem pieces. She would like to point out that she is capable of putting single stem flowers in a vase. And she's very proud of it.

Anddd now we see the real floral talent ;) Gah look at Lauren's fluffy arrangement of G&B blooms!! And those amazing rose gold chairs are from Stash Rentals!! 

SO obsessed with the gorgeous natural light in this room - and Andrea captured it so perfectly!

This frame holds a lovely brush calligraphy piece by Simply Jessica Marie - Lauren had this hanging in her home, but it was just the perfect shade of navy - we had to include it in the office!

By the way, Lauren's husband Craig was totallyyyy hanging this gallery wall for us like 15 minutes before Andrea arrived - he was such a champ.

Matching Anthro mugs, of course.


Yes, even our trash can is rose gold. #priorities.

Andrea also did some incredible styled flats for us too! This is one of our favorites, but there are SO many more that we can't wait to use in all aspects of our business!!!

This was us designing blooms before the shoot... notice the lack of blooms on Alyssa's side :) Don't worry, Lauren is teaching her well :)

Do you love it as much as we do?!?!?! Having office and branding images done for your business is such a huge benefit because they can be used in so many ways. As soon as we received our gallery from Andrea, it was like it pulled every aspect of our brand together and it made an amazing impact on our final website. Andrea Pesce is totally your girl if you're looking to get branding images! We are so thankful for her!!! We have so so so many more images, but we have to save some ;)

Meet you here next Monday for our first bridal tips post on the G&B journal!


Lauren and Alyssa